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Meet the team...

This is information about our amazing Year 2 team.  In 2C we have Miss Coombes who is now in her second year of teaching at our school. She will be supported by Mrs Georgiou. In 2N we have Mrs Nairn who leads PSHCE and Mrs Beaumont who also teaches in our school nursery. Mrs Beaumont is joining 2N on a Monday and a Tuesday. 2N will be supported by Miss Byrom.  In 2T we have Mrs Thurlow who will be supported by Miss Mughal and Mrs Doherty. Mrs Donnelly also teaches in this class one morning a week in this year 2 class. Mrs Thurlow is one of our Assistant SENcos who support our children with additional needs and now leads Lower School. Year 2 is also supported by Mrs Doherty, Mrs Hodelin, Miss Hyman, Ms Azam, Ms Khan, Mrs Bibi and Mrs Perween.

Spring Term- History Based

This is a history-based topic looking at Leeds and Marks and Spencers in particular. We will then look at local history and the community around us, such as Chapeltown Carnival.

History of Leeds - Quick & Easy Read | I'm From Yorkshire

Important Information...