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Why Moor Allerton Hall Primary School?

We are a nurturing and inclusive school

Moor Allerton Hall is a 3 form entry but still with a very personalised approach. We serve a very mixed community both ethnically and economically. We like to say Moor Allerton Hall represents the whole of Leeds.

We host the City’s provision for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired (DAHIT) children, which means we have a group of children, currently 12 across school, who need specialist support because of extensive hearing loss. Most of the time, these children are within mainstream classes with extra communication support. This means everyone gets the chance to learn some BSL! We also support very effectively a number of other children who have special educational needs. We recently gained Communication Friendly School status for our work in making school accessible. All these factors give us a wonderful opportunity for all children to learn about the key life skills of kindness, respect and equality.

We are a school known for good standards of teaching and positive challenge for all children. We were one of the first schools in Leeds to achieve ‘Good’ in the new Ofsted framework in September 2019, where our approach to developing a new curriculum was praised. We are also known for being friendly, fun and supportive. We have achieved silver status in the Leeds Carnegie Mental Health Award.


Our Curriculum

We are a learning school

We want children to learn how to learn as well as gain the building bricks of essential knowledge.We help children to develop a growth mindset where it is ok to aim high, grapple with learning, make mistakes and learn from them.

We have challenged ourselves to continue to develop our curriculum to be relevant to our children’s lives and have added strands of learning such as Climate Change and Black Lives Matter. We use the latest technology to involve all children in home learning.

In our school, teachers are involved in learning too and we use research projects to continue to refine our good practice, including applying the latest approaches to embed knowledge into long term memory.


Our Rich School Experiences

Learning through experience

We pride ourselve on the experiences we organise for all our children. Throughout our curriculum, our children will learn through experience, for example our Year 3 children learn all about rivers by visiting Bolton Abbey in the Dales, where they learn the features of a river first hand. This type of experience runs through out our topic curriculum from EYFS to Year 6.

Also at MAHPS, we try to give our children rich experiences that they never might have outside school, for example our children take part in Young Voices in Manchester Arena, singing with famous stars. As well as this, in Year 5, the children take part in a Samba march.

At MAHPS, we like our children to feel challenged physical and we have a number of clubs and events that help our children develop their interest in sport and physical activities. We have a boys and girls football team, a rugby and cricket club as well as a number of different sports throughout the year including archery and gymnastics. We take part in different physical challenges through out the year including a mini triathlon, cross country and any other new events that we are able to attend. 

Finally, the school has been proud of the Leeds 2023 events we have taken part in, which have included visiting an activity centre to develop girls interest across STEM and welcoming the "Off the Curriculum Team" to inspire our children to follow their interests and show us all the great knowledge and skills thay have!

To see just a small part of what we experience at MAHPs look through our photographs below.