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Our Welcome Message

Moor Allerton Hall is a real community school. Although not everyone lives nearby, there is a sense of belonging when you come in through our doors. I always tell visitors that our school represents Leeds in the fantastic mix of cultures, religions, backgrounds and experiences that our families bring when they join us. It is a wonderful place to learn from one another, develop respect and make friends.

However, we also understand that equipping our children for the future does not stop there. We must nurture their creativity and love of learning to help them to be adaptable to new problems and work out new ideas. Moor Allerton Hall is a place where it is safe to be challenged, make mistakes and try again. We teach children a language of learning using our learning muscles so they know how to approach and solve learning challenges.

At Moor Allerton Hall, we want all children to gain the knowledge and skills to help them face future challenges. With that in mind, we aim to help all our children to progress in the basic building blocks: to read with deep understanding, to write with clarity of expression and creativity and use maths skills and reasoning effectively to master problems.

We are a school known for its excellent nurturing atmosphere and strong value system. As Ofsted noted, ‘Work to promote pupil's' personal development is 'a golden thread' that runs throughout the school. Pupils are self-confident. They are proud to be part of aschool community that welcomes and values everyone.’  We hope that the website helps you to gain an insight into the Moor Allerton Hall community.

We understand that learning isn’t just about what happens in the classroom so we provide a range of wider experiences to make learning memorable. There are plenty of opportunities for parents and carers to get involved both socially and academically so the whole family can feel part of the school community.

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