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Year 6

year 6 shout out

Meet the team...

There is a whole new and amazing Year 6 team this year and they can't wait to get started!

Mrs Skilton and Mrs Middleton, who both have lots of previous Year 6 experience, are moving from Year 5 to teach Class 6SK and Class 6M respectively. We also have Mrs Sayedi, who is a brand new member of our MAHPs team. She will teach 6S this year - welcome to the MAHPS family Mrs Sayedi! 

All the classes will be supported by Ms Fearon, Mrs Shabir, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Aziz and Mrs Rathore.

Spring Term - Victorians and Industrial Leeds

A thoughtful topic where pupils investigate what life was like for Victorian children living and working in the many Mills and Workhouses of Leeds. Look at the life of Queen Victoria and key events in her life.‚Äč

Important information...

Weekly Homework

Our Year 6 children are given weekly homework linked to what they have been studying that week.

Homework Overview in Year 6


The children will be expected to complete one activity in their Maths Support Book. For additional support, the children can access My Maths to find lessons and material to help their understanding. Click on link to find the website https://www.mymaths.co.uk/ .


The children will also be expected to complete one comprehension per week in their Reading Support Book. They can also access Bug Club to support their reading.  Click on link to find the websitehttps://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/

As part of the above activity, the children will also have to complete a Reading Journal entry.

Grammar and Spellings

Each child will receive an individual spelling and grammar activity in their Grammar Support Book. This will be linked to the spelling and grammar objective from the current week's learning.