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Children are normally admitted to Reception class in September of the school year in which they will be five. Children attending our Nursery have opportunities to visit Reception in the last term to become familiar with the layout and staff.

Children are admitted to Nursery part-time as soon after the age of three as a place becomes available. Parents are welcome to look around school. Please telephone school on 336 8350 if you have any questions.

Leeds have produced a helpful video about applying for your child to start primary school for the first time. You can find it here

Applying for a place for Reception  

If your child is going to be four years old in the present academic year (academic years run September- August), you will need to make an application for a place at a primary school. The application window usually starts in late October and runs until the deadline on 15th January. Information on application from Leeds City Council can be found here . You can also see the up to date catchment area maps on this site


Admissions for reception in September 2024

The number of places at our school in Reception for September 2024 may be reduced to 60.  It is currently set as 90 places but Leeds City Council who are Moor Allerton Hall Primary School’s admission authority have given notice they intend to applying to the School Adjudicator for a variation to reduce the Published Admission Number to 60 places.  The School Adjudicator must approve thus request before it can take effect. The changes, if approved, would apply to reception admission in September 2024.


Transferring from another school

Pupils wishing to transfer to Moor Allerton Hall can contact our school direct to apply for places. Call the school office on 0113 3368350

Further information:

Transfering between Schools – Information from Leeds City Council